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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Development of Plating Systems in Mandibular Fractures- A Literature Review
Ohm Rajani, Pradip Chauhan, Pulkit Khandelwal, Sandeep Dungarwal, Prajesh Patel
2 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Stem Cell - A Boon For Prosthodontics
Meenakshi T., Mehak Bhatia, Divya Chhajlani
3 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Caries Risk Assessment Tools
Purnima Poonam , Sapna Hegde , Parul Rawat
4 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Reinforced Maxillary Denture - A Case Report
Pranav D. Solanki, D.R.V. Kumar, Arun Gupta, Shrikar Mehta
5 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Over Denture: An Elixir For Alveolar Bone Preservation - A Case Report
Jayashree N. Choudhari, Arun Gupta, D.R.V. Kumar, Manish Chadha, Tushar Bansal, Anshit Babel
6 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Hemimandibulectomy Patient with Twin Occlusal Table - A Case Report
Meenakshi .T, Divya Chhajlani, D.R.V. Kumar, Mehak Bhatia
7 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
CBCT Evaluation of Impacted mesiodens and– Case Series & Review
Ajay Parihar, Nimesh Jain, Vikalp Raghuvansi, Amit Rawat, Ashish Saxena, Ram Kishore Ratre, Aarti
8 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Orthodontic management of a labially impacted maxillary canine causing root resorption of the adjacent lateral incisor - A Case Report
Akanksha Mangal, Prabhuraj B. Kambalyal, Bhavesh Kothari, Harshit Pandya, Shalini Zankar, Pinal Jain
9 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Prosthetic Rehabiltation Of A Patient With Median Soft Palate Defect - A Case Report
Ishita Vaghela, Darshana Shah, Chirag Chauhan, Shrikar Mehta
10 2017 Vol 1 Issue 1
Facial Trauma Caused By Horse Kick – A Case Report
Rajkumar Mantri, Himanshu Gupta

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