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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Gene Therapy- A New Hope in Future Medicine
Sonam Gupta, D.Mani Kandan, Naresh Khandelwal
2 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Molar-Incisor Hypomineralization: Etiology, Clinical Features and Management
Devang Shah, Sapna Hegde, Shubha A.B
3 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Aesthetic Periodontics
Shweta Aggarwal, Arun Garg, Asmita Arora, Arvind Garg, Ellora Madan, Swati Aggarwal
4 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Antibiotics in Periodontics: Are we Reaching Somewhere
Arun Garg, Viniti Mittal, Pankaj Bhatia, Shweta Bansal
5 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Histogenetic And Morphogenetic Concepts Of Salivary Gland Neoplasms
Ajay Kumar Jagdish, Therraddi Muthu, J. Jananee, S. Rajalingam
6 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Stem Cell Regeneration And Its Application In Paediatric Dentistry
Jeet Naik, Dinesh Rao, Updesh Masih, Sapna Hegde
7 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Autotransplantation of Teeth: Where It Is Indicated?
Mukul Jain, Sapna Hegde, Shubha A.B
8 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Obturator, Boon To Palatal Defects - A Review
Ravi Kumar CM, D.R.V. Kumar, Niharika Singh Chauhan, Sorabh Jain, Krushnan V. Bajaj
9 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Nanodentistry-The Technology Of 21st Century
Rupali Borkar Kau
10 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Remineralization Therapies- A Modern Approach For Early Carious Lesion
Rupali Borkar Kaul, K Lakshmi Mohandas
11 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
CBCT: Numero Uno : A Newer Aid in Diagnosis
Lipi Sisodia, Mohit Pal Singh,Prashant Nahar, Bhuvansweri S.
12 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
The Stroma Reaction Myofibroblast:A Key Player In The Control Of Tumor Cell Behaviour In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Kanupriya Gupta, Jatin Gupta, D Mani Kandan, Naresh Khandelwal
13 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
Recurrent Pyogenic Granuloma-A Case Report.
Ajay Kumar Jagdish, Therraddi Muthu, Rajalingam.S, Jananee .J
14 2014 Vol 5 Issue 4
A Stain That Stays - A Rare Case Report Of Port-Wine Stains
Yesha Jani, Anar Patel, Angel Aghera, Bhavin Dudhia, Parul Bhatia

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