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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
The Current Status Of Agents Used For Enamel Remineralization
Anit Khatri, Dinesh Rao, Updesh Masih, Sapna Hegde
2 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
Correction of Palatally Displaced Maxillary Lateral Incisors using Ballista Spring : A Case Report.
Gaurav Sharma, Anushree Guru, Ashish Vekaria, Vaibhav Pareek
3 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
Fixed Partial Denture with Loop Connector - An Esthetic Solution for Prosthodontic Predicament
Ravi Kumar C.M., Ponnanna A.A., D.R.V. Kumar, Bhanupriya Nagal
4 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
Taurodontism - Engima to Endodontist : A Case Report
Hardik Patel, Sandeep S. Metgud, Nishit Patel, Harsh Shah
5 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
Rehabilitation of Eviscerated Eye with Custom made Ocular Prosthesis :A case report
Harsh Patel, Ravi Kumar, D.R.V. Kumar, Arvind Singh Bithu
6 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
Simplified Surgical Endodontics - The Resected MTA Technique A Case Report
MetgudSandeep S, Parmar Girish, Shah Harsh H, Shah Harsh
7 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
The Twin Force Bite Corrector - A case Report
Gaurav Sharma, Ashish Vekaria, AnushreeGuru, Vaibhav Par
8 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
Spontaneous Eruption Of Maxillary Central Incisor After Surgical Removal Of Odontoma- A Case Report
Ranjan Chauhan, Pawan Raj, Nitin Sharma, S. A. Rajasekaran, Jasraj Singh Sondhi
9 2014 Vol 5 Issue 3
Management of Gingival problems in Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Therapy : Case Series
Preeti P Kambalyal, Prabhuraj B Kambalyal

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