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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Effect of Submucosal Dexamethasone After Third Molar Surgery - A Pilot Study
Nitin Soni, Manju Ananthakrishnan Nair, Ajit Joshi, Niharika Gupta, Nilesh Bhanawat, Khalid Agwani, Dimple Shah
2 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Role of Platelet Rich Fibrin in Oral & Maxillofacial Sugery: An Review
Khalid Agwani, Manju Ananthakrishnan Nair, Ajit Joshi, Niharika Gupta, Nitin Soni, Nilesh Bhanawat, Dimple Shah
3 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumor: Review of Literature
Rashmi Metgud, Saumya Bajaj, Smitha Naik
4 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
The Role Of Corticosteroids In Third Molar Surgery
CharanBabu H S, BhagavandasRai A
5 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Evaluation Of Crestal Bone Heights Following Implant Placement With 'Flapless' And 'With-Flap' Techniques- A Systematic Review
Preet Jain, Ravi Kumar C.M., Meetu Jain, Amit Porwal, Rahul Vohra
6 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Infective Endocarditis: Updated Guidelines
Shivaraj.S. W., R. Padmanabhan, Chitra Chakravarthy, Sanjay Sunder, Ravi S. Patil, Kapil Rathore
7 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Autotranspalantation Of Mandibular Third Molar: A Case Report
R. Padmanabhan, Sanjay Sunder, Siddarth Goudar, Hashikesh A. Patel
8 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Presenting As A Post Extraction Non Healing Wound - A Case Report.
Sudipto Dutta, Elashri Chatterjee
9 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Multimodality Approach To Management Of Aggressive Central Giant Cell Granuloma - A Case Report
Harsh Pipalia, Siddhi Khinvasara, Jay Doshi, Himanshu Gorviyala, Dev Kumar Garg, Zibran Khan
10 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
An Unusual Fracture of the Mandibular Symphysis Region- A Case Report
Ruchi Khindria, Lakshmi Shetty
11 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Perio-endo Continuum-A Case Series
Nikhil Sood, Rajat Gothi, Niti Sood, Sunil Panwar
12 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Functional Contouring of the Palatal Vault for Improving Speech with Complete Dentures.
Nikhil Sood, Niti Sood
13 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Warthin's Tumor of the Minor salivary gland - Report of a Rare Case
Nisha Shetty, Anoop kumar, Mala Kamboj, Balasundari Shreedhar
14 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Multidisciplinary Treatment Of Complicated Subgingival Fractured Permanent Lower Lateral Incisor
Dr.Gaurav Tripathi, Dr.Vaibhav Sharma, Dr.Mahendar Anant, Dr. Raghvendra Singh
15 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Whether Or Not To Attempt A Cyst In Relation To A Deep Seated Impacted Mandibular Third Molar Under Local Anesthesia - A Case Report
16 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
An Effective Non-Vital Bleaching Technique For Discolored Teeth: A Case Report
Nishit R Patel, Sandeep s Metgud, Hardik B Patel, Harsh HarenShah, Pratik A Suthar
17 2013 Vol 5 Issue 2
Treatment of Severely Worn Dentition Caused By Anterior Interferences: A Case Report.
Nitesh Bansal, Sunil Panwar

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