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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Evaluation of Efficacy of Oxitard TM Capsule in Patients of Oral Submucous Fibrosis and Oral Leukoplakia-a Pilot Study.
Neha Chitkara, K. Sravan Kotakam, Mohit Pal Singh, Prashant Nahar
2 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Ridge Augmentation: A Review
Heena Parekh, Rajesh Shankarpillai, Ravikiran, Meetu Jain
3 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Art Of Bite Opening & Anchorage Considerations In Begg's Mechanics
Prabhuraj Kambalyal, Hardik Ajmera, Pramod Shetty, Meghna Rao
4 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Prosthodontic Management of Maxillectomy and Extraoral Facial Defect with Obturator and Magnet Retained Silicone Prosthesis-A Case Report
Maj Parvinder Sharma, Maj Gen JP Singh, Brig HS Sandhu, Sqn Ldr RS Ahuja
5 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Modified Dahl's Appliance: A Clinical Report
Priyanka Sharma
6 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
An Intraoral Approach for Management of Sublingual Dermoid Cyst: A Case Report
K. Sarvan Katakam, Himanshu Gupta, Abhishek Gupta, A. Bhagavandas Rai, Bipin A.Bulgannawar
7 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Use Of Metal Denture Base In Treatment Of Conventional Complete Denture - A Case Report
Ponnanna A.A., Kruti Desai, Amit Agrawal, Drv Kumar, Ravi Kumar C.M.
8 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
"Single Complete Denture With Metal Occlusal Surface Opposing Natural Teeth - A Case Report"
Ponnanna A.A., Bhavin Shah, Prakash Somani, Preet Jain, Abhinav, Manish Chaddha
9 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Re-Attachment Of Fractured Fragment Of Maxillary Central Incisor Using A Fiber Post : A Case Report
Ashutosh Paliwal, Milan Ugarecha, Vaibhav Sharma, Kartik Reddy
10 2013 Vol 4 Issue 3
Periapical Cyst: A Report Of Two Cases
Sandip Boghani, Ravikiran N, Balaji Manohar, Aditi Mathur

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