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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
The Use of Frontal Sinus Morphology As an Aid for Sex Determination
Hersheal Aggarwal, Mohit Pal Singh, Hemant Mathur , Manisha
2 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Arecanut in Etiopathogenesis of Oral submucous fibrosis: A Review.
Madhukar HS, Syed Parveez Ali
3 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Free Radicals and Inflammatory Periodontal Disease - A Missed Opportunity? - A Review
Pankaj Bhatia, Akshi Dewan, Harjit Kaur Virdi, Sanjeev Jain, Sumit Kochhar, Divya Saxena
4 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Forensic Dental Age Estimation Studies on Indian Population: A Review.
Madhukar HS, Syed Parveez Ali
5 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
The role of School teachers in imparting dental education
Madhukar HS, Syed Parveez Ali
6 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Temporary Anchorage Devices In Orthodontics
Prabhuraj Kambalyal, Meghna Rao, Hardik Ajmera
7 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Soft Tissue Calcifications of Oral Cavity : A Review
Richa Wadhawan, Prahant Nahar. S.Bhuvaneshwari
8 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Marsupialization Followed by Enucleation and Chemical Cauterization as a Treatment Option of A Large Odontogenic Keratocyst.
Himanshu Gupta, Jigar Thakkar, Anshul Sharma, Ankit sirodaria, Milan faldu, Jigar Patel
9 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Bilateral Mandibular Angle Fracture: A Rare Case Report
Himanshu Gupta, Ankit L.Sirodaria, Jigar Patel, Milan Faldu, Jigar Thakkar, Anshul Sharma
10 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Use Of Proteolytic Enzyme - Aprotinin In Oral And Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Charan Babu H S, Bagavandas Rai A, Himanshu Gupta
11 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Orthodontic Treatment With 2 D Lingual Brackets - A Case Report
Dilip Daniel Quadros, Prashant Pujari, Pramod Shetty
12 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Orthodontic Management Of Mandibular Canine - A Case Report
Shetty, Amit Bithu, Prabhuraj Kambalyal, Mahesh Aghera
13 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Role of 0.2% Hyaluronic Acid Gel as an Adjuvant to Scaling in Treatment of Plaque induced Gingivitis.
Arpit Singhi, Rajesh Shankarapillai, Lalit Kumar Mathur, Anant Raghav Sharma
14 2012 Vol 4 Issue 2
Irritational Fibroma: A Case Report
Barkha Makhijani, Balaji Manohar, Lalit Kumar Mathur, Neema Rai

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