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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Antibiotic Prophylaxis For Infective Endocarditis And Dental Procedures
Dr. S. Y. Rajan, Dr. B. N. Padmavathi, Dr. Gopikrishna Kolli, Dr. Ira Walia
2 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
An Exploratory Study for the Identification of Neutral Zone and Its Reproducibility
Amit Porwal, Ponnanna A. A., Preet Jain, Anurag Satpathy, V. Kumar, Prakash Somani, Abhinav Agrawal
3 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Bio-Smart Dentistry
Moulshree Dube Bhatt, Pooja Trivedi, Mihir Pandaya, Hitesh Sonigra
4 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Molecular Targeted Therapy For Salivary Gland Cancer : Recent Treatment Modality
S.Y. Rajan, Ramanpal Singh Makkad, Padmavathi. B.N., Gopi Krishna
5 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Management of Parotid Gland and Duct Injury : Review of Literature
Khemraj Agarwal, Nishant Rajwadha, Aman Bhatia, Swapnil Kumar Jain, Mahima Agarwal, K. Choudhary
6 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - A Review
Saurabh Sharma, Nidhi Tiwari, Vaibhav Tiwari
7 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Class II Correction with Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device in Adult Patient : A Case Report
Pankaj Bhatia, Akshi Dewan, J.P.S Kalra, Suchinder Singla, Parul Bansal, Amit
8 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Mandibular Angle Fracture During Surgical Extraction Of Impacted Third Molar
Khemraj Agarwal, Nishant Rajwadha, Aman Bhatia
9 2011 Vol 3 Issue 1
Brown Tumor Mimicking Cystic Lesion of Jaw
S.Y. Rajan, Nazia Masoom Syed, B.N. Padmavathi, Kolli Gopikrishna

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