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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
"A comparative evaluation of sealing abilities of high copper silver amalgam, cold burnished gutta percha and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate as a root end filling material using dye Penetration method-An In vitro study"
Zama Sanghvi, Kunjal Mistry, Girish Parmar
2 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Effect of Perceived Control on Dental Anxiety Management in Adult Dental Patients. A Clinical Study
Mania Ananthakrishnan Nair, Rajesh Shankarapillai, Vijayalaxmi Chouhan
3 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Influence of Incision on post operative complications in mandibular third molars, comma incision vs standard wards incision’
Sourav Singh, Shivamurthy D.M., Rajnish Kansal
4 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Effect of Alcohol and its Quality on Oral mucosa assessed by Quantitative Cytomorphometry
Falguni Dakwala, Madhusudhan A S, Poonam Monga
5 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Inflammation And Malignant Changes In Oral Lichen Planus A Review
Sonalee Shah, Poonam Monga
6 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Metastasis of cancer - An Insight Review
Falguni Dakwala, Poonam Monga
7 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Epidemiologic Methods For Biomarkers And Risk Factors
Sonalee Shah, Poonam Monga
8 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Osteoid Osteoma: Review Of A Rare jaw Tumor
Amena Ranginwala, Rajat Varshney
9 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Orthodontically induced root resorption-A Review
Pramod Shetty, Anurag Rai, Jagat Sharda, Manu Bansal, Ritu Garg, Pankaj Bhatia, Nanesh maddwal
10 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Role of Biomarkers and Chemopreventives in Oral Carcinogenesis- A Review
Sonalee Shah
11 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Interdisciplinary Approach for the Management of Class III Malocclusion in Deciduous Dentition
Sonali Mahadevia, N. R. Daruwala, Malay Vaghamshi, Deval Naik
12 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
A Case Report on Epulis Fissuratum
Monalee, Poonam Monga, Vishal Katna
13 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Common Pin In An Uncommon Location: A Case Report
Updesh Masih, Sapna Hegde
14 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Trigeminal Neuralgia A Case Report
M K Sunil, Sophia Kurien, Vikash Ranjan
15 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Patient with Left Hemimandibulectomy -A Case Report
Darshana N. Shah, Chandra Rajput
16 2010 Vol 1 Issue 3
Implant supported Telescopic Bridge for Replacement of Mandibular Incisors -A Case Report
Mariette D'Souza

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