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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Salakyatantra : A ancient name to modern dentistry
Dr. Rupal Vaidya, Dr. Zarna Mistry, Dr. Shraddha C, Dr. Kekin Parikh
2 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Molar Distalization: A Review
Dr. Kalyani Trivedi, Dr. Tarulatha R Shyagali, Dr. Sailesh Shenava.
3 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Surgical Microscopes: Eagle eye of a dentist
Dr. Smitha Singh, Dr. Harleen Kaur
4 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Bolton overall tooth size discrepancy in patients with class II division I malocclusion
Dr. Anurag Raj, Dr. Pramod Shetty, Dr. Jagat S, Dr. Mann Bansal, Dr. Ritu Garg, Dr. Pankaj Bhatia, Dr. Naresh Khandelwa
5 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Information technology awareness and skills among Periodontology postgraduate students in India
Dr. Rajesh Pillai, Dr. Manju Anantha krishnan Nair, Dr. Srinath Shetty, Dr. Archana Jagat.
6 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Comparison of twin block and functional appliances: A systematic review and meta analysis
Dr. Sailesh Shenava, Dr. Kalyani Trivedi, Dr. Tarulatha Shyagli, Dr. Mansoor Saify
7 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Predictability of beta angle and appraisal of various cephalometic parameters in the assessment of sagittal relationship between maxilla and mandible midline aiming Indian population
Dr. Kalyani Trivedi, Dr. Tarulatha S, Dr. Jigar Doshi
8 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
A study to co-relate to facial with dental midline and also between maxillary to mandibular midline among Indian population
Dr. Vivek Sharma, Dr. Sourabh Nagpal. Dr. Suresh S, Dr. Rita Jain
9 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Role of periodontal diseases in systemic health :A Survey
Dr. B. N. Padmavathi, Dr. Siddartha Singh
10 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
A Case Report on pyogenic granuloma
Dr. Falguni Dakwala, Dr. Madhududan A.S, Dr. Monali, Dr. Shilpa, Dr. Poonam
11 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Venous haemangioma involving masseter muscle : Case Report
Dr. Neha Vyas, Dr. Neetu Shah, Dr. Yesha Jani
12 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Granular ameloblastoma : A case report
Dr. Shilpa Patel, Dr. Madhusudan AS, Dr. Falguni, Dr. Monali, Dr. Sheetal Kumar
13 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumour in the right maxillary sinus mimicking dentigerous cyst: A case report
Dr. Madhusudan AS, Dr. Shilpa Patel, Dr. Monali, Dr. Falguni, Dr. Asha Joshi
14 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Replacement of missing teeth using fibre reinforced ribbon composite: A case report
Dr. S Suresh, Dr. Rita Jain, Dr. Vivek, Dr. Meenakshi
15 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Midline diastema combined orthodontic and conservative treatment approach: A case Report
Dr. Pramod Shetty, Dr. Anurag Rai, Dr. Jagat S, Dr. Manu Bansal, Dr. Ritu Carg. Dr. Pankaj Bhatia, Dr. Gaurav Sharma
16 2009 vol 1 Issue 2
Partial anodontia with partial penetrance of ectodermal dysplasia : A Case Report
Dr. Anjani Chaudhary, Dr. Purv Patel, Dr. Bhavin dudhia.

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