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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Microsurgical Techniques in Periodontics
Dr Lalit Mathur, Dr Anand Bhalodi, Dr Balaji Manohar, Dr Rajesh Shankarpillai, Dr Jeeth Rai
2 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Evidence Based Dentistry-A Model for Clinical Research Practice
Dr Surekhapuri, Dr Nagesh Bhat, Dr Ponappa K.C, Dr Prakasham
3 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Smartness of MTA
Dr Hotani Kavita Mohanlal, Dr Smita Singh, Dr Meena Kumari C, Dr Harleen Kaur
4 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Denture Based Resin Re-Enforcements
Dr Suresh S, Dr Sourabh Nagpa, Dr Vivek Sharma
5 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Diabetes and Oral Health
Dr Smitha Singh, Dr Kavita Hotani
6 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Infection Control in Dentistry
Dr Sunita Hosangadi, Dr Meena Kumari
7 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Management of Generalized Worn Dentition
Dr Meenakshi Khandelwal, Dr Reeta Iain, Dr Suresh S, Dr Vivek Sharma.
8 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Reliability of Investigating Vertical Skeletal Growth Pattern: A Comparative Study
Dr Kalyani Trivedi, Dr Tarulatha Shyagali, Dr Shailesh, Dr Varun Jain
9 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Study of Change in Depth of Antigoneal Notch of Mandible in Horizontly and Vertically growing patients
Dr Kuldeep D’mello, Dr Kalyani Trivedi, Dr Shailesh, Dr Tarulatha Shyagli, Dr Saurabh Gandhi
10 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Determination of Cephelometric Norms of Dentofacial Patterns for Indian Adults of Rajasthan Origin
Dr Shailem Shenava, Dr Kalyani Trivedi, Dr Tamlatha Shyagali, Dr Bhawk Patel
11 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Bolton Anterior Tooth Size Discrepancy In Patients With Class II Division 1 Malocclusion
Dr Jagat Sharda, Dr Pramod Shetty, Dr Anshul Mathur, Dr Anurag Rai, Dr Naresh khandelwal
12 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Bondontics! The Future of Endodontics!-A Case Report.
Dr Nisha Thakkar, Dr K. C Ponnappa, Dr Nanda Kishor KM, Dr Surekha Puri , Dr Gaurav Goyal, Dr Anurag Jain
13 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Surgical Correction of Oral submucus Fibrosis A Case Report
Dr A. Bhagvandas Rai, Dr Charan Babu H.S, Dr Bipin. A. Bulgannawar, Dr Milind Joshi, Dr Sachin Dalal, Dr Manju Ananathakrishnan Nair
14 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Successful Retrieval of Foreign Body in Root Canal with Associated Extraoral Sinus.
Dr S Prakassam, Dr K.C. Ponnappa, Dr Nanda Kishore, Dr Nikhil Relhan, Dr Surekaha Puri, Dr Kruti Patel
15 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Unusual Calculus Formation A Case Report
Dr Jeeth Rai, Dr Laht Kumar Mathur, Dr Balaji Manohar, Dr Rajesh Shankarapillai, Dr Neema Shetty
16 2009 Volume 1 Issue 1
Mesially Curved Roots of Permanent Second MolarTooth
Dr Roopal N Vadhya, Dr Shraddha, Dr Kekin K Parikh

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