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    Pacific Journal of Dentistry

    RNI No. -RAJENG/2017/72156

    ISSN No.(Print): 2456-8872

    ISSN No.(Online): 2581-4397

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1 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
Efficacy of bioresorbable copolymer osteosynthesis system in Rigid internal fixation of zygomatic complex fractures in 84 patients: A descriptive study with review of literature
Chandrashekhar Chattopadhyay, P Suresh Menon
2 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
Prevalence of ankyloglossia and its types in Indian school children of Udaipur city
Jagrati Singh, Dinesh Rao B, Shubha AB, Sunil Panwar, Sachin Franklin
3 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
Prevalence of Supernumerary Teeth in Indian Children Of Udaipur City
Shivani Modi, Dinesh Rao B, Sunil Panwar, Sachin Franklin, Mitul Joshi
4 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
Acceptance of Local Anesthesia for Cavity Preparation in Children in India
Priyanka Parmar, Dinesh Rao B , Sunil Panwar, Sachin Franklin, Chetna Kumar
5 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
Mandibular Canine Impaction: A Case Report
Shanu Patel, Namit Nagar, Sumer Chand Meena, Abhijeet Masih, Krishna Prakash
6 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
A Unique Technique of Restoring Fractured Anterior Teeth Using Template Method
Krutika Mistry, Dinesh Rao B, Sunil Panwar, Sachin Franklin
7 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
Radiopaque mass extending into the maxillary sinus: A rare case report
Dr. Ravleen Nagi, Dr. Supreet Jain, Dr. Yash Agrawal, Dr. Akanksha Yadav, Dr. Juhi Bhandari, Dr. Ankita Giri
8 2018 Vol 1 Issue 4
Immediate denture: A case Report
Tushar Chauhan, DRV Kumar.,Tushar Bansal, Divya Chhajlani, Sheenam Sirohi

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